What to Do With Moving Boxes?

After a move you’re left a small mountain of used up moving boxes and bags and other supplies. In large homes you can put these items in the basement or in an extra room or closet but in most New York City apartments, they’ll just take up valuable space and will quickly be an eyesore. So what to do with them? Here are some ideas:  Give to Friends and FamilySend an email or put a call out on social media prior to moving day, letting friends and family know what kinds of supplies you have to give away. If anyone is interested you can arrange to have your boxes and other supplies picked up at a time convenient for you. Use for StorageIf you have storage space—either in your building or a rented unit at a facility—you can use the boxes for storing seasonal items like holiday decorations, toys or planters.  DonateSchools, churches and donating centers, like Goodwill and The Salvation Army, often need boxes for various purposes. Contact your local centers and organizations to see