Five Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home

If you just moved into your New York apartment, you might be looking for a low-key New Year celebration. Despite all the activities of our bustling city, it’s nice to stay home where it’s warm and cozy and to not have to worry about transportation, which can be crowded and at times scarce. Here are five ways to ring in 2017 from the comfort of your apartment: Game NightWe’re not just talking Charades and Monopoly. There are so many fun games designed for adults (like Loaded Questions or Wits and Wagers) that you wouldn’t have trouble picking up a few new ones to play on the last eve of 2016. Invite a few friends, get some snacks and drinks and you’ll be sure to have a fun night. Cozy DinnerBe it a dinner for one, or two or a larger group, there’s nothing nicer than having a pleasant meal at home. You don’t need to get fancy and can keep it simple with dishes like pasta with a store bought sauce or an oven-roasted fish or meat.  Desserts and BubblesIf cooking isn’t y