Tips for Beating Moving Stress

Moving takes a toll on your wallet, schedule and, most importantly, your sanity. With the many various tasks and chores you have to keep tabs on and perform, you’ll likely be stressed and tired pre, during, and post move. There’s no sure way to eliminate all the stress that comes with moving but there are methods to make the strain less impactful and help you better cope. Here are a few tips we have for beating the stress that comes with relocation: SleepAnxiety is an inherent response to change and you’ll likely find it hard to sleep and relax on the days leading up to the move. But getting your Z’s is especially important so you have enough strength and agility left to handle the move. Plan on getting your eight hours of sleep for several nights prior to the move. If you’re having trouble relaxing, opt for some relaxing tea, such as chamomile, or take a hot bath before hitting the sack.